Genesis - In The Cage chords

In The Cage
From the album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by Genesis
Transcribed by August McAllister
Running Time: 8:15
Standard tuning - Key of E flat minor (Ebm)

Chord  - Fingering  Chord Name       Scale position
Bm     - x24432     B minor          bVI
A      - x02220     A major          bV
G      - 320033     G major          III
Ebm    - x68876     E flat minor     Root
Bbm    - 688666     B flat minor     V
B      - x24442     B major          bVI
C#     - x46664     C sharp major    bVII
Eb     - x68886     E flat major     Root
Ab     - 466544     A flat major     IV
C#m    - x46654     C sharp minor    bVII
F#     - 244322     F sharp major    bIII
Eb(no5)- x6x87x     Eb major no 5th  Root
F7     - 131241     F dominant 7th   II
Fm7    - 131141     F minor 7th      II
Ebm7   - x68676     Eb minor 7th     Root
Bb     - 688766     B flat major     V
Abm7   - 464474     Ab minor 7th     IV
E      - x79997     E major          bII
Amaj7  - 5x665x     A major 7th      bV
Abm(9) - 468444     Ab minor add 9th IV
C#m6   - x48654     C# minor add 6th bVII
C#6    - x48664     C# major add 6th bVII
Ddim(7)- x56767     D diminished 7th VII
F      - 133211     F major          II
Ddim   - x56764     D diminished     VII
Fm7(no5) 1x31x1     Fm7 no 5th       II
Abm    - 466444     A flat minor     IV
Ebsus4 - x799a7     Eb suspend 4th   Root

NOTE: The note after the chord name marks that the bass
note is different from the root note of the chord.
For example, "Abm/Eb" means this is still recognized
as an Abm chord, but the bass plays an Eb.



Bm AI got sunshine in my stomach
G BmLike I just rocked my baby to sleep.
Bm/F# A/EI got sunshine in my stomach
G/D A/C# G/D A/C#But I can't keep me from creeping sleep,
G/D A/C# BmSleep, deep in the deep.
Bm/F# - Hold -------- VERSE INTRO Ebm Bbm/F B C# -------- VERSE Ebm Bbm - 2x
EbmRockface moves to press my skin
BbmWhite liquid turn sour within
EbmTurn fast - turn sour
BbmTurn sweat - turn sour.
EbmMust tell myself that I'm not here.
BbmI'm drowning in a liquid fear.
EbmBottled in a strong compression,
BbmMy distortion shows obsession
-------- BRIDGE
Ebm BbmIn the cave
Ebm BbmGet me out of this cave!
-------- CHORUS
Eb AbIf I keep my self-control,
Eb AbI'll be safe in my soul.
Eb AbAnd the childhood belief
Eb AbBrings a moment's relief,
C#mBut my cynic soon returns
AbAnd the lifeboat burns.
C#m A F#My spirit just never learns.
-------- VERSE
EbmStalactites, stalagmites
BbmShut me in, lock me tight.
EbmLips are dry, throat is dry.
BbmFeel like burning, stomach churning,
EbmI'm dressed up in a white costume
BbmPadding out leftover room.
Ebm BbmBody stretching, feel the wretching
-------- BRIDGE
Ebm BbmIn the cage
Ebm BbmGet me out of the cage!
-------- CHORUS
Eb AbIn the glare of a light,
Eb AbI see a strange kind of sight;
Eb AbOf cages joined to form a star
Eb AbEach person can't go very far;
C#mAll tied to their things
AbThey're netted by their strings,
C#m A F#Free to flutter in memories of their wasted wings.
-------- SOLO (Bear with me here. I'll try to space the chords depending on timing, but ultimately you'll have to listen to the song to figure it out.) Eb(no5) - 4x Eb F7/Eb Fm7/Eb Ebm7 F7/Eb Ebm7 F7/Eb Bb/F Eb Ab/Eb Eb Ab/Eb Bb/F Ebm7 Abm7/Eb - 7x Ebm7 Abm7/Eb E Amaj7/E Abm(9)/Eb Dbm6/E Abm(9)/Eb Db6/F B/F# F# Ebm/F# Ab Db/Ab Bbm/F Ab/Eb Bbm/C# Ddim(7) Ebm - 2x Ddim(7) Eb Hold Eb note -------- VAMP Ab Eb Bb Ab C# Ebm
F DdimOutside the cage I see my Brother John,
EbHe turns his head so slowly round.
BbI cry out Help! before he can be gone,
Eb BbAnd he looks at me without a sound.
DdimAnd I shout out 'John please help me!'
Eb BbBut he does not even want to try to speak.
Eb BbI'm helpless in my violent rage
Ab Eb Fm7(no5) EbAnd a silent tear of blood dribbles down his cheek,
Abm Bb Ebsus4And I watch him turn away and leave the cage.
BbMy little runaway.
Eb Ab/Eb Eb Ab Bb Ebm7 Abm7/Eb - fade into verse. (HOLD Eb note.) Raindrops keep falling on my head, they keep falling on my... -------- VERSE Ebm Bbm
EbmIn a trap, feel a strap
BbmHolding still. Pinned for kill.
EbmChances narrow that I'll make it,
BbmIn the cushioned straight-jacket.
EbmJust like 22nd Street,
BbmThey got me by my neck and feet.
EbmPressures building, can't take more.
EbmMy headaches charge, earaches roar.
-------- BRIDGE
Ebm BbmIn this pain,
Ebm BbmGet me out of this pain!
-------- CHORUS
Eb AbIf I could change to liquid,
Eb AbI could fill the cracks up in the rocks.
Eb AbI know that I am solid
Eb AbAnd I am my own bad luck.
C#m AbOutside John disappears, my cage dissolves,
C#m A F#without any reason my body revolves.
-------- ENDING
Ebm BbmKeep on turning,
Ebm BbmKeep on turning,
Ebm BbmTurning around,
Ebm Bbmspinning around.
Ebm Bbm - repeatedly. End on Ebm.
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