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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:45:20 +0200
From: "" 
Subject: Anyway

Transcription : for Piano, Two electric guitars and Bass

Transcripted by Rapha=EBl Chaize, student in Nice, France


1- the "| |" symbolises the measures

2- the notes put between "( )" are chords

3- when a "/" is placed in a chord, it means that the bass differs from
the fundamental note of the chord, for instance, (Fmadd9/Ab) the bass
plays an [Ab]

4- |Cm6+7(No Bass) // Cm6+7/D| means that the chord (Cm6+7/D) is played
on the last time of the measure, if there are 2 chords, these 2 chords
are played on the two last times of the measure (sorry but transcription
is limited with the mail, anyway listen to the record, it's rather
simple but hard to transcribe)

5- the notes put between "[ ]" are single notes (played by the bass)

6- "*" symbolises a bend, the tension of this bend is put between a "[
for instance : *[1] bend one tone higher

7- a tabbed note put in a "( )" results from the release of a bend, the
note is not picked

8- a "." put upon a tabbed note symbolises a staccato

9- "~~~~" are vibratos

I have tried to be the more precise I could with the tools of the mail.
Therefore, I ask you to use this transcription while listening to the
record for a better understanding.

		   from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

INTRO : |Gmadd2|Cm6+7|C6+7|Bbmaj7|Gmadd2+6|Ebsus4|Ddim6|

(Ddim6)All the pumping's nearly over for my (Gmadd2)sweet heart,
(Cm6+7)This is the one for (C6+7)me,
(Bbmaj7)Time to meet the chef,
(Gmadd2+6)O boy! (Ebsus4)running man is out of (Ddim6)death.
Feel cold and old, it's getting hard to (Fsus2)catch my breath.
It's (Cadd4+7)back to ash, (Fsus2)'now, you've had your flash boy'
(Cadd4+7)The rocks, in time, compress
Your (Bbm6)blood to oil,
Your (Fmadd9/Ab)flesh to coal,
En(Bbm6)rich the soil,
Not (Fmadd9)everybody's goal.

(Gmadd2)Anyway, they (Cm6+7)say she comes on a (C6+7)pale horse,
But I'm (Bbmaj7)sure I hear a train.
(Gmadd2+6)O boy! I (Ebsus4)don't even feel no (Ddim6)pain -
I guess I must be driving my(Fsus2)self insane.
(Cadd4+7)Damn it all! does (Fsus2)earth plug a hole in heaven,
(Cadd4+7)Or heaven plug a hole in (Bbm6)earth
- 'How wonderful to be (Fmadd9/Ab)so profound,
When (Bbm6)everything you are is dying (Fmadd9)underground.'

|Gmadd2|Cm6+7(No Bass) // Cm6+7/D|
|Gmadd2|Cm6+7JD // Cm6+7 // Cm6+7/A|
|Gmadd2|Cm6+7(with [D] [C#] [A] [C])|

(|Gmadd2|Cm6+7|) with [D] [C#] [A] [C] [Bb] [G] [A] [G] [D] [G] [F] [C]
[Eb] [D] 				 [C] [Eb]	[E]


DOUBLE GUITAR SOLO :(Gmadd2) . (Cm6+7) .|-------------------------------------------------------------14---------||--13*[1]---11-13-(13)*[1]*(13)-11--11----15*[=BD]--------15*[=BD]-------||---------------------------------14-----------------------------12------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| . .|-------------------------------------------------------------10---------||-------------------------------------------------------11*[1]-----------||--14*[=BD]---12-14-(14)*[=BD]*(14)-12--12----12---------------------10--||---------------------------------15-------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(C6+7) . (Bbmaj7) . .|----------------13------------16-15-16---18~~---16-15-16-----------||--15*[1]--15---------------------------------------------15~~~~----||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------|
| . . .|-------------------------------------------------------------------||--11*[1]--11--13--------------15-13-15---16~~---15-13-15-----------||---------------------------------------------------------12~~~~----||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Gmadd2+6) (Ebsus4) (Dmin6)|------------------------------------------------------17~~~~~------||--13*[1]--13--11---10-11--11--10~~~~-------------------------------||------------------------12-----------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------|
INTRO : |Gmadd2|Cm6+7|C6+7|Bbmaj7|Gmadd2+6|Ebsus4|Ddim6| (Ddim6)I feel the pull on the rope, let me off at the (Gmadd2)rainbow. I (Cm6+7)could have been exploding in (C6+7)space Different (Bbmaj7)orbits for my bones (Gmadd2+6)Not me, just (Ebsus4)quietly buried in (Ddim6)stones, Keep the deadline open with my (Fsus2)maker! (Cadd4+7JG)See me stretch(Cadd4+7); for (Fsus2)God's elastic acre (Cadd4+7JG)The doorbell (Cadd4+7)rings and it's : "Good (Bbm6)morning Rael So (Fmadd9/Ab)sorry you had to wait. It won't be (Bbm6)long, yeh! She's (Fmadd9)very rarely late."
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