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(Am6)Walking across the sitting-room, I (Bsus4)turn the tele(B)vision off.
(Bm)Sitting beside you, I look in(Bm/F#)to (Daug5/G#)your (F#/A#)eyes.
(Am6)As the sound of motor cars (Bsus4)fades in the (B)night time,
I (D#m/A#)swear I saw your face (F/A)change(F),
(F/Bb) it (Bb)didn't seem quite right.
...And it's (Eb/Bb)hello (Bb)babe with your (Amdim5)guardian eyes so (Bb)blue
(Eb)Hey my (Bb/F)baby don't you (F#dim)know our love is (Gm7)true.
(Asus4) (A) (Asus4) (A)
(Am6)Coming closer with our eyes, a (Bsus4)distance falls a(B)round our bodies.
(Bm)Out in the garden, the moon seems (Bm/F#)ve(Daug5/G#)ry (F#/A#)bright,
(Am6)Six saintly shrouded men (Bsus4)move across the (B)lawn slowly.
The (D#m/A#)seventh walks in (F/A)front(F)
(F/Bb)with a (Bb)cross held high in hand.
...And it's (Eb/Bb)hey (Bb)babe your (Amdim5)supper's waiting for (Bb)you.
(Eb)Hey my (Bb/F)baby, don't you (F#dim)know our love is (Gm)true.

(Gm)I've been so (Gm7)far from here,
(Gm7)Far from your (Gm6)warm arms.
It's good to feel you again, (G) (D) (G) (D)
It's been a long long (Am)time. Hasn't it?

(Dm) (Am) (5 Times)
(Dm) (Gm) (Am)

The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man

(Am)I know a (D)farmer who looks (E/D)after the (Dsus2)farm.
With (C)water clear, he (Bm)cares for (E)all his (Am)harvest (Amadd9)
(Am) (Amadd9)
I (Am)know a (D)fireman who looks (E/D)after the (Dsus2)fire (Bmdim5/F)

(A)You, can't you see he's (G)fooled you all.
Yes, he's (A)here again, can't you see he's (G)fooled you all.
Share his (Bm)peace,
Sign the (C#m)lease.
He's a (C)supersonic (D)scientist,
He's the (C)guaranteed eternal (D6)sanctuary (A)man.
Look, look into my (G)mouth he cries,
And all the children lost down (A)many paths,
I bet my life you'll (G)walk inside
Hand in (Bm)hand,
gland in (C#m)gland
With a (C)spoonful of (D)miracle,
He's the (C)guaranteed eternal (D6)sanctuary (A6-5)man.

We will rock you, rock you little snake,
We will keep you snug and warm.

(Am6) (Bsus4|B) (Bm) (Bm|Bm/F#) (Daug5JG#|F#JA#)
(Am6) (Bsus4|B)
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