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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:02:36 PST
From: Roger Gunnarsson 
Subject: Geneva-song


by Geneva

Transcribed by Roger Gunnarsson (

The beautiful song is a b-side on the CD-edition of the "No one
speaks"-single. The chords simply repeat once after the first chorus and
then repeat choruschord til fade.

C#m                 E
Closer to the stars
        F#           F#m
and the mysteries of time
C#m                         E
that is why I meet with you
F#            F#m
that is why I climb
              G#                   C#m
closer to the stars to glimpse the grand design
that is what I want from you
        C#m   F#    Hm
that is why i climb
E             C#m   F#  Hm   E
closer to the sta - a - ars

make me like a rock
which juts into the sky
that is what I ask of you
that is why I cry
freedom from this life
and it's twisted sense of rhyme
that is what I want from you
that is why I climb
closer to the stars
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