Gentle Giant - Isnt It Quiet And Cold chords

                ISN'T IT QUIET AND COLD? - Gentle Giant

Band: Gentle Giant
Song: Isn't It Quiet And Cold?
Album: Gentle Giant (1970)

Tabbed by: Pascual Rambert (Chasco-Mousse, Argentina)
Tuning: Standard


Gm A Dm Dm3 3 3 3 ===> number of strums
Gm A Dm D3 3 3 3
Gm Bb E Am Am7 (x2)3 3 3 3 3
Isn't it quiet and cold walking all alone, alone? Happened I missed the bus and found I had to walk, alone. PRE-CHORUS 1
D D D (x2)3 3 3
D Dm7 G D (x2)4 4 4 3
What was that? Only me. Hear the echo of my feet. Footsteps. Are they mine? Hear the echo of the stree POST-CHORUS 1
C F Bb A (x2)3 3 3 3
Gm Bb E Am Am7 (x2)3 3 3 3 3
Wished I lived near at hand although I live alone, alone At least I'll find company, so why should I moan, alone. PRE-CHORUS 2
D (x6)3
D Dm7 G D (x2)4 4 4 3
Movement. By my feet. Paper wind across the street. Curtains closed. Sleepy heads. Wrapped together in their beds. POST-CHORUS 2
C F Bb A (x2)3 3 3 3
G A7 D* F#m Bm* B2/A4 4 2 2 2 2
G F Bb A4 A4/9-2 2 2 2 8
I used to walk with someone else I didn't seem to notice sights and sounds of the lonely street POST-CHORUS 3
C F Bb A (x2)3 3 3 3
I used to talk with someone else Now the only answers are the calls of the night SOLO XYLOPHONE
Gm Bb7 E Am Am7 (x2)3 3 3 3 3
Gm Bb7 E3 3 3
Am C F# Bm Bm7 (x2)3 3 3 3 3
Look at that alley cat, it's winding home to rest, alone Half-past four and daylight shows itself once more OUTRO
Am B (x3) Am B3 3 3 1
Walking all alone Walking all alone ------------------------------- CHORDS C 33555x D x00232 D* x5423x Dm x00231 Dm7 x00211 E 022100 F 133211 F# 244322 F#m x4422x G 355433 Gm 35533x A x02220 A7 x02020 Am x02210 Am7 x02010 A4 x02230 A4/9- x02330 Bb x13331 Bb7 x1313x B x24442 Bm x24432 Bm7 x24232 Bm* 75440x B2/A 54440x ------------------------------- This tab is based on a transcription by Christof Munoz, available at: Gentle Giant's official site.
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