Gentle Giant - Wreck tab

This is my first tab, so sorry for any mistakes.It broke my heart to see only one Gentle 
Tab, so i did this... :)

e|----------------------------------------------|b|--------------------0---3-0---0---------------|g|------------------0---0-----0---2-------------|d|--------------2-------------------------------|a|--0---0-3-0-3---3-----------------2---2-3-2---|E|0---0-------------------------------3-------0-| first part (twice through)
|__________| ^ then it changes slightly ^this parts a little off
e|--------------------------------------------|b|--------------------------------------------|g|--------------------------2-2-0-------------|d|---------------2-0----0---------2-0-0-------|a|--0---0-3-0-3-------3---0-------------3-2-0-|E|0---0---------------------------------------| this continues for a while
the only other parts are little fills and such
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