Gentleman - Superior chords version 1

Repeat Cm/Fm/Gm/Cm through the entire song ;)

Cm Fm Gm Cm if you know not god you know not love, no no
Cm Fm Gm Cm if you know not jah, cause jah is love, oh yes
Cm FmI know jah lovin' is superior
Gm CmThe devil complex inferior, oh yes
Cm FmWorshippin' material
Gm CmBowing to your silver and gold
Verse 1:
Cm Fm Gm Cm somebody tell me, cause I really got to know
Cm Fm Gm Cm I read a lot of history but this' not really sure no no
Cm Fm why dem drop the bombs ina Arabia
Gm Cm why the children bought and suffer ina Africa
Cm Fm leave us up the righteous fightin for superpower
Gm Cm but judgements take a fall upon dem at like real shower, mi go so den
[Chorus (x2)] Verse 2:
Cm Fm so you better love the little youth not terrorise dem, no no no
Gm Cm teach the youth the truth not critisise dem, oh no no no
Cm Fm open up your eyes and realise that
Gm Cm you are fi keep you are fi care you are fi guide dem,
Cm Fm don't you know: war and crime will divide them
Gm Cm so you better show the youth your fears and don't you hide dem
Cm Fm and then equality and justice will unite dem
Gm Cm lift up your voice and you got to sing the anthem, mi go so den
[Chorus (x2)] Verse 3: long time we fade about your promises and lies your illusion and religion just covering our eyes frustration and starvation multiply depression till di well a gone dry can you show the love man and not the animosity can you live a life of with dem set in you tyrannomy me could I be your friend why you want to be my enemy? you can't take the future over ya star so come follow me, come follow me [Chorus (x2)] [Verse 1] [Chorus]
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