Geoff Moore – Home Run tab

I know this isn't the best transcription, but it should be enough to get you by

G                 D
The lights go on, another game day
  Em                        C
I grabbed my bat and headed for the plate
        G                 D               Em
But the first pitch was a curve and I was done - Strike one!
          G                          D
I stepped out of the box, looked the pitcher in the eye
          Em                  C           
You could read his lips, "Hey punk, you're mine."
     G                         D          
So I gave him a wink and said "Let's see what you can do." - Strike two!

              C          Em          D                     G
Gotta keep my eye on the ball, swing straight and true and follow through
C        Em                  D    
Don't be afraid whatever the call
              C     Em
Because we're never alone
    D                 G
Our coach is there to cheer us on
              F#*  G        F#*        G  
Well it's the wind up, here comes that ball
          Em                                 C      D
You gotta pray and swing, watch it till it's going, going, its gone
G  D    Em C    G  D  Em
Home    Home    Home  run
           Em   D
(we need a home run)

         G                  D
You know life can be like a baseball game
Em                          C
We're on the same team, but we're not all the same
       G                D             Em       (Em D Em Em D)
That's why we've got to learn to play together
         G                 D
I didn't join this team to sit on the bench
Em              C
I'm going deep, swinging for the fence
G                     D                Em    (Em D Em Em D)
I got some friends on base I gotta get home

(Repeat Chorus)

Em                                        C
We are not the first to play this game or stand over this plate
Em                                 C
We are surrounded by their legacy, like they're sittin' in the stands
I can see them waving their hands
         Em  C  Em  G   D
saying, "Go, go all the way!"

*-not sure
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