George Ducas - Lipstick Promises tab

This one is a bit lower than the other tab. I put this one in C. Sounds more like the song to me. 

C        Am       Em             F
You told me I was all you'd ever need
    C       Am         Em         F
You said my love would always be enough
             Am           G
Your scarlet kisses on my skin
F                  Fm
Fooled me 'til the end

C     G               Am          G                  F
Every single word you said, every drop dead shade of red
          G             Am
Were just lipstick promises
C     G         Am                 G         F
Was I easy to deceive, you were so easy to believe
       G              F             G              C
I fell for your every kiss and your lipstick promises

verse 2
Since you've gone I see where I went wrong
All your lies somehow left me blind
What you said would last so long
Was only painted on

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