George Harrison – Taxman tab

George Harrison of the Beatles  song:Taxman.
Tabbed by tabbed byguitarist/bassistKevin Polley
the song Taxman was written in 1966, and can be found on the first song on the Beatles album Revolver.
It is played on a bass, a lead guitar, and a drum set.

chords:D7 D7(#9) C7 G7 F7 E7--2-- --1-- --0-- --1-- --1-- --0----1-- --1-- --1-- --0-- --1-- --0----2-- --2-- --3-- --0-- --2-- --1----0-- --0-- --2-- --0-- --1-- --0------- ----- --3-- --2-- ----- --2------- ----- ----- --3-- ----- --0--
guitar chords are always on only beats 2&4 intro:
D7 D7(#9) D7 let me tell you how it will be D7(#9) D7 there's one for you, ninteen for me C7 'cause i'm the taxman G7 D7 yeah, i'm the taxman D7(#9) D7 should five percent appear too small D7(#9) D7 be thankful i don't take it all C7 'cause i'm the taxman G7 D7 yeah, i'm the taxman (if you drive a car) i'll tax the street C7 (if you try to sit) i'll tax your seat D7 (if you get too cold) i'll tax the heat C7 (if you take a walk) i'll tax your feet D7 taxman!! *solo*
C7 'cause i'm the taxman G7 D7 yeah, i'm the taxman D7(#9) D7 don't ask me what i want it for D7(#9) D7 if you don't want to pay some more C7 'cause i'm the taxman G7 yeah, i'm the taxman F7 E7 D7 and you're working for no one but me *solo* and fade
bass part:during D chord: during C chord: during G chord: ----7-----5- ----5-----3- --------------0---5-7--- ------3-5--- ----5-----3------------- --3--------- ------3-5--------------- ------------ --3---------
i recommend listening to this song to get the timing on the kick-ass solo. copyright 1966 northern songs limited :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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