George Harrison - Thats What It Takes chords version 1

George Harrison
(cloud nine)


G AAnd now it begins to shine
that it's shining through
Am Cm Bm Emand you've found the eyes to see
see all this world
Em/D Em/C# C F A/Eeach little drop the dawn of every day
don't let it stop never fade away
D G A your smile it comes back to me
Am Cm Bm Em and what ever you may say
Em/D Em/C# C F D7 Gdon't let it stop never fade away
Ab/Db Db/Eb Fm7/Bb As we got to get on in
Eb/Fthis world together
Eb/G Ab Bbm7 Ab/C Ab/Db Db/Eb
Fm7/BbThen we might as well start to make some
Eb/F Eb/G Ab Ab/Bb Cchanges Ooooooo
F G C/EIf That's what it takes then I got to
F C/E Fbe strong don't want to be wrong
G Amif that's what it takes
F G C/E Fthe closer I get into that open door
C/E F G AmI got to be sure if that's what it takes
And now that it's shinning through and you can see all this world don't let it stop never fade away If we got to be in this life forever then we better be taking all the chances. Chorus
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