George Harrison – Behind That Locked Door chords ver. 2

Artist:   George Harrison
Song:     Behind That Locked Door 
Album:    All Things Must Pass [30th Anniversary Edition] (2001)
Written:  George Harrison
I%27d_Have_You_Anytime#.22Behind_That_Locked_Door.22 [3]
Style:    Waltz-tempo
Author:   Tab annotated by rikigo [].

Tuning:   Standard Tuning.

D            =========== XX0232
G            =========== 320003
C            =========== 332010
Am           =========== X02210
Bm           =========== X24432
F            =========== 133211

Alternate Take version: No Capo
Final recorded version: Capo 1

| D G C D | D G C D |

Verse 1:
C GWhy are you still crying,
AmYour pain is now through.
D C GPlease forget those teardrops,
F C DLet me take them from you.
C GThe love you are blessed with,
AmThis world's waiting for.
D C Bm AmSo let out your heart, please, please,
G C G D G C G DFrom behind that locked door.
Verse 2:
C GIt's time we start smiling,
AmWhat else should we do.
D C GWith only this short time,
F C DI'm gonna be here with you.
C GAnd the tales you have taught me,
AmFrom the things you saw.
D C Makes me want out your heart,
Bm Amplease, please.
G C G D G C G DFrom behind that locked door.
Instrumental Solo: |C G|G Am| |D C|C G| |G G|G G| |G F|C D| Verse 3:
C GAnd if ever my love goes,
AmIf I'm rich or I'm poor.
D C Bm AmPlease let out my heart, please, please,
G C G Am From behind that locked door,
G C G Am D GFrom behind that locked door.
[End] Notes: 1. Minor but important chord changes added. 2. Key change occurs between early and later versions. 3. "Writing a few years later in his book The Beatles Forever, Nicholas Schaffner viewed the “Dylanesque numbers” as “somewhat overshadowed” by those with the obvious Phil Spector production qualities, but identified them as being “far more intimate, both musically and lyrically, than the rest of the album”.[38]"
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