George Harrison – Never Get Over You tab

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Artist: George Harrison 
CD: Brainwashed,issued November 2002 
Chords provided by : beats76 (acoustic interpretation), 4 Leslie

D:       xx0232
Gm6add9: X02333 (Gm6add9** = X00(12)(11)0, so pls note (12)= 3rd string 12th fret.

Edim:    xx2323
Em7:     022030
A:       x0222x  
Gdim:    xx5656
A#dim:   xx8989
Gm6:     3x233x
Em7b5:   xx2333
F#:      244322
Bm:      x24432
B:       x2444x
E:       022100
Em:      022000
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D, Edim
D, Edim

D           Gm6add9   Gm6  D    Edim   
I know I'll never get over you
D            Gm6add9            D      
So deep this feeling I have for you 
Em7              A
Your eyes pierce thru my heart
D                Edim    Gdim  A#dim
Your smile tears me   a--part
D          Gm6add9**   Gm6 
I knew it, it's so     true
     Em7b5          D
I'll never get over you


D            Gm6dd9    Gm6   D     Edim
You touch me making my heart race
D           Gm6add9            D 
So much was written on your face
Em7         A
I knew when you arrived
     D               Edim  Gdim A#dim
That no words could describe
D              Gm6add9**       Gm6
What your love made    me      do
     Em7b5          D    
I'll never get over you

F#              Bm                E     D
Girl, you're so much my heart and soul, OOH 
F#          B                              Em
Girl, was a moonlit night you came into my life
And now this feeling has grown
            D               Gm6add9**
And if you leave me alone I know
      Gm6           D   Edim
I'll never get over you

D           Gm6add9     Gm6     D 
So hide the moments when I feel blue
Em7         A
You warm the coldest feet
     D             Edim  Gdim A#dim
Can cool me in the heat
D              Gm6add9**       Gm6
And though our love was        new
     Em7b5            D   Edim  Gdim A#dim
I'll never get over you
D        Gm6add9**       Gm6
My understanding        grew
         Gm6             Em7b5            D 
But I'll never get over, never get over you
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