George Harrison – Long Long Long chords ver. 2

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Long, Long, Long chords
George Harrison

Capo III *

A G F#m Em DIt's been a long, long, long time
A Em D AHow could I ever have lost you
Em D A A7When I loved you
A G F#m Em DIt took a long, long, long time
A Em D ANow I'm so happy I found you
Em D A A7How I love you
G D A EmSo many tears I was searching
G D A Em G A So many tears I was wasting oh oh
A G F#m Em DNow I can see you be you
A Em D Ahow can I ever misplace you
Em D A A7how I want you
Em D Aoh, I love you
Em D Ayou know that I need you
Em D A Ooh, I love you
* Alternate: Capo V A = G G = F F#m = Em Em = Dm D = C A7 = G7 Set8
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