George Jones – Open Pit Mine chords

open pit mine by George Jones

C Am CFrom Morenci, Arizona where the copper mines glow
C Am CI could see Clifton in the canyon below
C Am CIn Clifton lived Rosey, we danced and we dined
C G COn the money I made in the open pit mine.
C Am CI loved my sweet Rosey and she loved me too
C Am CThere was nothin' for Rosey that I wouldn't do
C AM CHer hugs and her kisses they were something devine
C G CGave me reason for working the open pit mine.
--- Instrumental ---
C Am CWhile I was out walkin' with my Rosey one day
C Am CWe passed a store window with rings on display
C Am C I bought those she wanted, how they really did shine
C G CWith the money I scraped from that open pit mine.
C Am C Her love would bring heartbreak that I would soon learn
C Am C'Cause she would concern me when my back was turned?
C Am C Rosey would go dancin' and drink the red wine
C G CWhile I worked like a slave in that open pit mine.
--- Instrumental ---
C Am COne night I caught Rosey on her rendevous
C Am CShe was huggin' and kissin' with somebody new
C Am C It was there that I shot 'em while their arms were entwined
C G CThen I buried her deep in that open pit mine.
C Am CI took a look at my future and what did I see
C Am CThere was nothin' but trouble a-waiting for me
C Am CBut on the sun's next rising I'll be satisfied
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