George Jones - If Drinking Dont Kill Me chords

This is how i play this song. Think it sounds spot on if you get the hammer ons added 
in. Sounds good without also. Simple uD,uD country strum.

:Capo 2:
0,2,4 = on 6th(E)string
Riff = hold E shape and hammer on/pull off on 2nd(B)String 3th fret
Riff2= hold A shape and hammer on/pull off on 2nd(B)String 3rd fret
E   022100
A   002220
B7  021200    easy move from E

On long E chord hammer on and off with 2 finger occationaly
listen for it...

E (ring Out)............0,2,4 The bars are all closed
A EIt's four in the morning
Must have shut'em all down
B7By the shape that I'm in
EI lay my head on the wheel
A EAnd the horn begins honking
The whole neighborhood knows
B7 E RiffThat I'm home drunk again
Chorus: 0 2 4 A E And if drinking don't kill me
B7Her memory will
0 2 4 A E I can't hold out much lon..ger
B7The way that I feel
0 2 4 A E With the blood from my bo..dy
A (Riff2)I could start my own still
0 2 4 A E And if drinking don't kill me
B7 EHer mem ory will
A,E B7 E (No Chords) 0,2,4 These will old bones they move slow
A EBut so sure of their footsteps
B7As I trip on the floor and lightly touch down
E A ELord it's been ten bottles since I tried to forget her
B7 E (riff)But the memory still lingers lying here on the ground
repeat chorus:
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