George Strait - Amarillo By Morning tab version 2

Didn't make it. Just combined the pre-existing tab,chord, and corrections from the comments.

FIDDLE INTRO: Arranged for guitar

D F#m Amarillo By Morning G D Up From San Antone F#m Everything that I've Got G A7 Is Just what I've got on Bm A When that sun is high in that Texas Sky D F#m G I'll be buckin' at the county fair D A7 Amarillo by morning G A D Amarillo I'll be there D F#m G A Verse 2 D F#m They took my saddle in Houston G D Broke my leg in Santa Fe F#m Lost my wife and a girlfriend G A7 Somewhere along the way Bm A But I'll be looking for eight when they pull gate D F#m G And I hope that judge ain't blind D A7 Amarillo by morning G A D Amarillo's on my mind D - F#m - G - F#m - A - E Verse 3 (Key Change) E G#m Amarillo by morning A E Up from San Antone G#m Everything that I've Got A B7 Is just what I've got on Cm I ain't got a dime B7 But what I've got is mine E I ain't rich G#m A But Lord I'm free E B7 Amarillo by morning A B7 E A-B7-E Amarillo's where I'll be E B7 Amarillo by morning A B7 E Amarillo's where I'll be
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