George Strait – Down Louisiana Way tab

Artist: George Strait
Song: Down Louisiana Way
Album: Lead On

Capo: III

e(1)--2---0-----------0---2---3-2---0-------|b(2)--------3-------3-----------------3-----|G(3)----------------------------------------| (REPEAT 1X)D(4)----------------------------------------|A(5)----------------------------------------|E(6)----------------------------------------|
Chorus: D I am going down Louisiana Way G I'm going back as of this very day A Em7 Don't worry about me cause I'll be okay G A D I'm going down Louisiana way Verse 1: D I will miss all my old Chicago friends G And think about you San Francisco now and then A Em7 I will remember my com-padres in L.A. G A D Look me up down Louisiana way Chorus Bridge: Bm Don't let your eyes get misty now We knew the time would come around D For me to go Em A And I will miss you Verse 2: D So long friend guess I'll see you while ago G I might be back sometime you just never know A Em7 I have left a sweetheart, North of Whiskey Bay G A D True love waits down Louisiana way Instrumental... Chorus G A D I'm going down Louisiana way
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