George Strait – It Was Me chords

Artist: George Strait
Song Title: It Was Me

CThe first time I met her,
she walked right up to me.
FAnd said, "You're who I wanted to find."
GThere was a man she had seen in her dreams.
C G C And it was me.
C She said I can't believe it.
Cause Ive never been in here,
FAnd I've passed this place so many times.
GIt was her night to find destiny,
C G C And it was me.
Csus2 CAnd we danced every song that they played,
Fand talked until closing time.
DThe closer I held her,
GThe more I knew her destiny.
F GWasn't that far from mine.
Continue with same chord progression as above verses Then I saw a reflection of someone unfamiliar. Looking back when I looked in her eyes. The happiest man I'd ever seen, And it was me. (Repeat Chorus) She wasn't looking, and I wasn't looking. Ain't it funny? That's when love was found. She still calls it her lucky night, Yeah, someone was lucky. she's right, but it was me.
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