George Strait - If I Know Me chords

Love this song, I saw it on here with the power tabs but not posted with the 
regular chords so i thought id put it on.

Artist: George Strait
Song Title: If I Know Me
Capo 2 
DWe both said some things
GI know we never meant
Asus4 A7and when I slammed the door tonight
G Em Dyou wondered where I went
D7 GIf I know you, you're probably wondering what to do
F#mYou're thinking that I'm gone for good
G Asus4if I know you
A7 DBut if I know me
GIll turn this car around
F#m BmI wont get half way thru town
Emand I'll be sorry
A DI'll stop and call
Gand you'll say you're sorry too
F#m Gand I'll come running back to you
Dif I know me
G Gm D G Gm Asus4 D VERSE 2 SAME AS ABOVE CHORDS Sometimes I lose my head say things to break your heart forgetting if I lost your love it would tear my world apart If I know you, you didn't mean one single word you said truth be known, you're dying, crying lying there in bed (CHORUS AGAIN) ENDING WITH
Em A7sus4 DIf I know me
G Gm A7sus4 A7 Dand I know me
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