Gerbils - Crayon Box tab

tuned a full step down

Intro: c - g - f 
Look what youíve done
    g         c                    f
How could you go out and watch the show without me
c              g             f
You know that Portastatic is still my favourite band
     c        g
Am I alone or are you with me
c            f
Me with you, what ever
c                  g
Could you tell me just one more time
I just donít understand
        c              g              f
Am I a child or just a crayon in your filthy hand

Look what youíve done
How could you do it
You left me behind again
I feel so empty
Should I think that something is wrong
Should I try to do a thing about it
As the band plays on

Look what Iíve done
How could I do it
I left you behind this time
Even though I know that Sebadoh is still your favourite band
Iím not laughing but I thought I would be
Wouldnít you be laughing at me
As the band played on
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