Germs - What We Do Is Secret tab

               ---------------WHAT WE DO IS SECRET-----------

INTRO VERSE E|--DRUMS-|2-2-3-3-----|2-2-3-3-----|A|-STARTS-|4-4-5-5-22-2|4-4-5-5-222-| D|--------|4-4-5-5-22-4|4-4-5-5-424-| reapeat this 2xG|--------|--------00-4|--------404-|B|--------|------------|------------|E|--------|------------|------------|
CHORUSE|----------------|A|2-2-2-2-3-2--3-4|D|4-4-4-4-5-4--5-2| only play once when chorus comes boutG|4-4-4-4-5-4--5-2|B|----------------|E|----------------|
BRidgeE|--------| E|--------------A|22-55-4-| A|--------------D|44-77-6-|reapeat 3x then D|12121212-1110-(these are power chords, u can play them G|44-77-6-| G|14141414-1312- this way, or kepe the beat and do emB|--------| B|14141414-1312- Cut time-thats wat i do ssounds better)E|--------| E|--------------
order intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus
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