Gerry Rafferty – Matties Rag chords ver. 2

Left handed

Am EOh Mattie you open up the door
F C Cmaj7That's right I'm home again
Am E You've got a big surprise in store
F C Turn 'round and count to ten.
FWait till you see what I got you, well
D Dsus4 DYou’ll say it's a magic thing, it’s
FLike an old mandolin man, you just
G E / E7Wind him up and he’ll start to sing.
Am EI've been away for quite a while
F C Cmaj7And I want to hear all your news
Am E Speak to me, let me see you smile
F C 'Cause I've had those home sick blues.
FWhen I go down to the city
D Dsus4 DI just don't know wrong from right
FWhen I get back to you Mattie, well
G E/E7You make me see the light.
Am E F C Cmaj7 Am E F C
FLove is a singular thing, it can
F C Cmaj7Take you up or bring you down, yes
FLove is the song that I sing, so come
G G7On now Mattie listen to the sound.
Am EWhen you grow up we'll sit and talk
F C Cmaj7Of how things used to be
Am E I'll be your grand old man of rock
F C Cmaj7 With all these memories.
Am E F C Cmaj7 ...and fade
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