Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Find The Time tab

	     FIND THE TIME by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Tabbed by: Les Gibson

Great single by Sam Duckworth (aka Get cape wear cape fly).

Sounds hard, but is actually very simple, if you can do basic fingerpicking

CAPO ON SECOND FRET (capo 2), tab + chords in relation to capo.

Chord voicings:


G F#/G Em7 Dsus4 e|-----3----------3-----------3-----------2h3------|B|-----3---3------3----3------3----3---------3-----|G|---0-----0----0------0----0----0------2------2---|D|------------------------------------0------------|A|-----------------------------------------------0-|E|-3-----3----2------0----0------------------------|
C G/C Am7 D(sus4)e|-------3---3------3----3------3--------2h3-------|B|-------1---1------1----1------1--------3---3-----|G|-----0----------0-----------0--------2-------2---|D|---------------------------------0-0-----------0-|A|-2h3-----3----2------2----0----------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
--Verse 1 (Intro part plays under verses)(0:09): G F#/G Em7 We make lists, we make plans, D(sus4) C to write books, to form bands, G/C Am7 D(sus4) Or move to Kreuzberg and escape into the night G F#/G Em7 So pack your bags, let's take control D (sus4) C G/C you and me, let's go the next time you're lonely Am7 D(sus4) or the next time that you're free --Chorus(i wrote it like this to be read alongside the tab)(0:27):
So wa a ah ah ah y? C/G Ge|-------3--------3---------3-|-----3---------3-----------|B|---------3--------3---------|--------3---------3--------|G|-----0-----0---------0------|---0------0---------0----0-|D|----------------------------|---------------------------|A|-2h3----------3---------3---|---------------------------|E|----------------------------|-3-----------3---------3---|
So wa a ah ah ah y? C/G Ge|-------3--------3---------3-|-----3-----3-----3------|B|---------3--------3---------|-----3-----3-----3------|G|-----0-----0---------0------|----------------------0-|D|----------------------------|---0-----0-----0----0---|A|-2h3----------3---------3---|------------------------|E|----------------------------|-3----------------------|
So wa a ah ah ah y? C/G Em7e|-------3--------3---------3-|-----3---------3-----------|B|-------3--3-----3--3--------|-----3--3------3--3--------|G|-----0------0---------0-----|---0------0---------0----0-|D|----------------------------|-----------------------2---|A|-2h3----------3---------3---|-2-----------2-------------|E|----------------------------|---------------------------|
If we can make the plans, can we just not find the time. Dsus4 (strummed) e|--3-3-3-3--3-3--3-3--3-3-3-3-| B|--3-3-3-3--3-3--3-3--3-3-3-3-| G|--2-2-2-2--2-2--2-2--2-2-2-2-| D|--0-----0----0----0------0---| A|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------|
--Break bewteen verses - strummed chords (0:43): G F#/G Em7 Dsus4 C G/C Am7 D G F#/G Em7 Dsus4 C G/C Am7 D --Verse 2 - singing different tune, but same guitar part/chords as verse 1: (1:01) Don't get me wrong I know it's hard and the good things never last Yet there's no point waiting for the miracle to save your life If you took the time to find what's real amongst the baggage that you feel is holding you back the demons cast aside. --Chorus - same as before (1:19): So why, so why, so why If we can make the plans, can we just not find the time. --Break - strummed chords (1:34): G F#/G Em7 Dsus4 C G/C Am7 D G F#/G Em7 Dsus4 C G/C Am7 D --"Second chorus" (1:52): Dsus4 D G The safe way is not Dsus4 D G C D The safe way is not the way to live your life, your mind G F#/G Em7 C/G C is beautiful, don't let the daydreams die C D Don't let the daydreams die. --First chorus again: twice (2:09). Ends on a G chord. Please find the time for feedback/comments! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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