Get Up Kids - Fall Semester chords version 1

The Get Up Kids
Fall Semester
Four Minute Mile
1997 Vagrant Records
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G     320033
Em    022000
C     x32010
D     xx0232
G/B   x2x003
Am    x02210

G  Em  G  C  G  C D G/B G/B Em C  

Verse 1:
Em Cif i tried
Emwould you still
C G/B Am Dcall me son?
Em Cif i tried
Em C G/B C G/B C would you call me at all?
G Bm D if i say that i'll
Em Dgo regardless
Cof what you want
Dme to do i'm
G Bm D if i say that i'll
Em Dgo regardless
CI'm better off without
D G/B C G Di'm better off without you
Verse 2:
G/B C G Dif i change my mind it won't
G/B C G Dbe soon enough for you
G/B Cbut i'm not you
G/B Ci'm not you
G/B C Di'm not you
Interlude: G Em C D x3 G/B C G D x3, G/B C Outro:
G/B C G/B Ci'll try to compromise for
Dyou to see that there's
so many other things
G Cfor me to find out
G/B Em Crun myself to the ground
G Cwould you please forgive me
G/B Em Cif i found my way back home?
Am Ceverything i see
Am Ceverything i do
Am Ceverywhere i've been
Am G(hold)these mean nothing to you?
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