Get Up Kids – Hannah Hold On tab

The Get Up Kids
Hannah Hold On
On A Wire
2002 Vagrant Records
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Key: E

Capo: 2nd Fret

Tuning: Standard EADGBe both guitars

Chords used: Capo on 2nd fret
D -     xx0232
Ds -    xx0233
A -     x02220
As -    x02230
Bm -    x24432
G -     320033
D/F# -  2x023x
Em -    022000
A/C# -  x476xx or x4222x
F#m -   244222

Chords used: Without a capo
E -      022100
Es -  -  022200
B -      x24442
Bs -     x24452
C#m -    x46654
A - -    x02220
E/G# -   476xxx or 4xx45x
F#m -    244222
B/D# -   x698xx or 6444x
G#m -    466444

We will use the capo on 2nd fret version here!!!

Intro: D-G-D/F#-G (x2)

Verse 1:
D       A          D/F#  Bm
I never asked to be sor--ry
        G         Em       D   Ds
If it's over it's over for sure
D          A          D/F#        Bm
I don't regret that I didn't want to
  G            Em          D  Ds-D
remember what all this was for

Refrain 1:
G    D/F#       Bm         D
  So This isn't all we can do
G      D/F#        Bm   A
  What news is in store?
G     D/F#
  How come starting
D A/C# Bm A
G                         A    As
  would be frowned on any more?

Chorus 1:
D    Bm       D/F#-G-A
  Hannah hold on
D    Bm       D/F#-G-A
  Hannah hold on
D      Bm       D/F#
  It's all been said
     G   A    G----A
It's all been done

Guitar 2: With capo on 2nd frete|-----2-0-------5---3---2---3---|-2---2---2---3---0---0---0---0---|B|----------3------3---3---3---3-|---3---3---3---3-----------------|G|---2---------2-----------------|-------------------2---2---2---2-|D|-0-----------------------------|---------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|---------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|---------------------------------| x3
Guitar 2: Without a capoe|-----4-2-------7---5---4---5---|-4---4---4---5---2---2---2---2---|B|----------5------5---5---5---5-|---5---5---5---5-----------------|G|---4---------4-----------------|-------------------4---4---4---4-|D|-2-----------------------------|---------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|---------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|---------------------------------| x3
Verse 2: D A D/F# Bm I never witnessed bitter like this G Em D Ds I think I'd have shot in cold blood D A D/F# Bm You won't admit it and I won't be around G Em D Ds just so I hear the applause Refrain 2: G D/F# Bm D This isn't all we can do G D/F# Bm D When in doubt you move on G D/F# No need to D A/C# Bm A sort it all out G A As by the time you read this I'll be gone
Guitar 2: With capo on 2nd frete|----------|----------|----------|B|----------|--------3-|----------|G|-0--0h2---|-0--0h2---|-0--0h2---|D|--------0-|----------|--------0-|A|----------|----------|----------|E|----------|----------|----------|
Guitar 2: Without a capoe|----------|----------|----------|B|----------|--------5-|----------|G|-2--2h4---|-2--2h4---|-2--2h4---|D|--------2-|----------|--------2-|A|----------|----------|----------|E|----------|----------|----------|
(Repeat Chorus 1 except last line) G A(hold) It's all been done Post Chorus: G(hold) so hang on A(hold) hang on G(hold) hang on
Guitar 2: With capo on 2nd frete|-5---5---5---5---|B|---3---3---3---3-|G|-----------------|D|-----------------| x4A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Guitar 2: Without a capoe|-7---7---7---7---|B|---5---5---5---5-|G|-----------------|D|-----------------| x4A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Bridge: Em D/F# G A Bm A/C# A You on---ly dissa----point the Em D/F# G A Bm-A/C#-D-A ones who don't believe D/F# G A Bm D/F# G A/C# You on---ly diss-apoint the A Bm A/C# F#m ones who don't believe
Guitar 2: With capo on 2nd frete|-5---3---2---3---2---3---2---3---|B|---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3-|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------| x4A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Guitar 2: Without a capoe|-7---5---4---5---4---5---4---5---|B|---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5-|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------| x4A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Bass: Without a capoG|-----------------6-6-8-8-9-9-----|-------------6-6-------------8-8-----6-6-8-8-11-11-|D|-----6-6-7-7-9-9-------------9-9-|-6-6-7-7-9-9-----6-6-7-7-9-9-----9-9---------------|A|-9-9-----------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------| x2
Chorus 2: D Bm D/F#-A-Em Hannah hold on D Bm D/F#-A-Em Hannah hold on D Bm D/F#-A-Em Hannah hold on D Bm D/F#-A-Em-D-Ds Hannah hold on Outro: D A D/F# Bm I never asked to be sor--ry G Em D(hold) If it's over it's over for sure
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