Gg Allin - Fuck The Dead tab

FUCK THE DEAD, by GG Allin & the Scumfucs.
Tabbed by Jake Strange (aka: Scumfuc)
I'm not tabbing the solo parts to this song- even though
 they're part of what really makes the song what it is.
I just can't can't figure them out. If anyone can, please
do so.

Intro:The "real" intro isn't worth tabbing.e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|--0----6---3-------5-----|
Chorus:e|----------------------------------|-----------|B|----------------------------------|-----------|G|--9-----7-----5-------------------|-----------|D|--9--9--7--7--5--5----8888888888--|---7-------|A|--7--9--5--7--3--5----8888888888--|---7----\--|E|-----7-----5-----3----6666666666--|---5----\--| (play 1st measure 3 or 4x before the 2nd)
I tabbed this by memory. Sorry if I forgot anything.
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