Gg Allin - Last In Line For The Gang Bang tab

by GG Allin & Bulge
From the album "Freaks Faggots Drunks & Junkies"
Tabbed by Jake Strange

Intro:e|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------7-----|D|--9-9--9--9-9--9--9-9--9--9-9--9----7-----|A|--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7--7----5-----|E|------------------------------------------| pm--| pm--| pm--| pm--| Gang bang time!
1st verse:e|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------|D|--9--7-----7--99999999---9--7-----7------------|A|--7--5--9--5--77777777---9--7--9--5--77777777--|E|--------7----------------------7-----55555555--|
2nd verse:e|------------------------------|B|------------------------------| play this 2x then go back intoG|------------------------------| the part played for the 1st verse.D|--99999999999-9\7-7777777777--|A|--77777777777-7\5-5555555555--|E|------------------------------| (also play this for 3rd verse & solo)
There's at least 20 guys Waiting on Suzie's thighs Pumpin' cum in her twat While I'm in the back jerkin' off (chorus) 5-10-15-20, Her cunt is ???? her cunt is [runny???] 5-10-15-20, we're last in line, ain't got no money I know I need the fuck But that's just my fuckin' luck.....what fuckin' luck!! By the time I get in front You, you're a worthless cunt Well, a fuck's a fuck, I just don't care I'll even steal ever smelly underwear (repeat chorus) I'll fist-fuck her if I must And I'll beat my dick [and suck her crust???] ????? Here I come.....already! Ready? Spread your slimey legs! I'm always the fuckin' last But it's a piece of fucking ass ???? You know what I'm talkin' about ????? C'mon Suzie! (chorus) (best I can do for the lyrics. the ones in breackets [] are ones I'm not sure are correct.)
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