Gg Allin – Commit Suicide tab

COMMIT SUICIDE, by GG Allin & Bulge
From the album "Freaks Faggots Drunks & Junkies"
Tabbed by Jake Strange.

Part 1:e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|--999999999--555-77777--|D|--999999999--555-77777--|A|--777777777--333-55555--|E|------------------------|
Part 2:e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|--9999------------5555---777777-----|D|--9999---7777-----5555---777777-----|A|--7777---7777-----3333---555555-----|E|---------5555-----------------------|
Part 3:e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|--777777777-------55555--|D|--777777777--5555-55555--|A|--555555555--5555-33333--|E|-------------3333--------|
Songflow: Part 1 (4x) w/ verse Part 2 (4x) w/ chorus Part 3 (4x) Part 2 (2x) Part 2 (2x) w/ verse Part 3 (4x) w/ chorus Part 2 (4x) Part 3 (4x) w/ chorus Part 1 (8x) w/ solo ------- If you're listening to this song And everything is going wrong Take a chance on the other side Let's go over the edge Fuck the [pigs?] Fuck the [folks?] Death is where it's at Use a gun, use a knife Take some pills, take your life Slit your throat, slit your wrists And go to hell ----------------------
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