Gg Allin - God Of Fire In Hell tab

From the Album "Eat My Fuc"
Tabbed by Jake Strange

Chorus:e|-----------------------||---------------------------||B|-----------------------||---------------------------||G|-------------5-----2---||--------------5------------||D|--3-----5----5-----2---||--3-----5-----5---5555555--||A|--3-----5----3-----0---||--3-----5-----3---5555555--||E|--1-----3--------------||--1-----3---------3333333--|| (play 3x) (play 1x)
Up all night, drunk all night Just give me another light Another girl, another world Another night, another fight Play my music, play it loud Start a riot in the crowd. (chorus) Do what I want and nothing less People say I'll never last Gonna have my fun anyway I'd rather die young than go their way Some people say that I'm bad news "Lock him up, don't turn him loose Put him in a padded cell He's the god of fire in hell!" Here I go another time Putting my life on the line Party hard, play for keeps Cut my skin until it bleeds Find an alley, spend the night I wake up in a daze a lot. (repeat chorus) Up all night, drunk all night... Drive my car, drive it fast Put my foot down to the gas Add some fire and I'm crazed You'll never put me in a cage. ---------- (lyrics for the chorus change a little, but this one's easy)
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