Ghetto Pony - Veryfresh tab

This is the chording/tab for the first part of Veryfresh by Ghetto Pony (up until the 
What is here so far is correct when compared to the recording. Where there is a '2' in 
verse, refer to the chart labeled '2' below for the chord.
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'2' (Unknown B Chord)---e ---|-X-|---|---|---|B ---|---|---|---|---|G ---|-X-|---|---|---|D -X-|---|---|---|---|A ---|-X-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---|
E '2' when i came to i was overwhelmed G i cranked the noise A i cheered i danced E '2' raddle my bag of bones through the air G clear off the dust A from the top of my skull E '2' out on the ropes i balance G and for my next trick A i'll swoop down into E '2' my most believable fantasy G smoke rings and all A yeah veryfresh E '2' jump start a two time G blast A get's my face glowing E '2' please save some G sympathy A E for the devil in me
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