Ghost Machine - God Forbid tab

God Forbid from Ghost Machine
Tuning: ADGCFA

~ means ring
h means hammer on

Keyboard Intro and Verse-notes in brackets also an octave lower. First part X3 then 2nd part once and repeat.-------------------|------|-------11-13-------|-14~--|-11-14-------(11-9)|------|-------------------|------|-------------------|------|-------------------|------|
Chorus-First part X3 and 2nd X1 and repeat.---------------|----|---------------|----|---------------|----|-4-444-44---44-|-2~-|-4-444-440h444-|-2~-|-2-222-220h222-|-0~-|
-play Verse -play Chorus -play Verse(short) -play Chorus -play Verse(short)
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