Ghost Mice - Cemeteries tab

All credit goes to Captain Sparrow on the message boards. Im simply reposting.


G Am On hallow ground I sit and wait G Am Playing songs upon your graves G Am And I hope that you can hear me C G ĎCause you that I have got a lot to say G Am G Am So you made all your mistakes but, you didnít die in vein G Am C You know I was takiní notes, and I assure you that I wonít G G Am Do the same things on my fathers dead and gone G Am All my mothers brothers and sisters tagged a long G Am C And they left me all alone with the rest of the lost souls G And this world they made our home G Am G Am And what I really wanna know, is do we really have to go? G Am C G ĎCause I donít think I believe and I must admit that Iím pretty afraid to leave G Am So I call on you tonight G Am Come up to tell me everythingís gonna be alright Am C Iíll tell you what itís like to be alive G If you tell me what it felt like to die Am If you tell me what itís like to die C G Then I can tell you what itís like to be alive (4x)
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