Ghost Mice – Cementville chords

C G Am FWe knew our stream would lead to a bigger stream
And eventually the river, and out to the sea It never seemed like a possibility That we could go beyond our boundaries
C G C F GBeyond my mother's screams
We jumped over fences and we cut some down As the stream got deeper and winded around When we finally made it to its mouth We stood in silence in what we had found We were afraid to make a sound
C G Am F (smoother strumming)There was this warning, written in red
This is the land of the cynics, keep out and then his master said We should not do this now huh? No we should turn around No we should not do this now huh? No we should turn around
C G CMake some plans then come back and attack
C G Am FWe went to school and we told the gang
We all met up the next Saturday Armed to the team with BB guns, Rambo knives and machetes
C G C F GWe were a wicked little team
C G Am FWe marched beside the new found stream
There were an offence on the trees We found their club so easily We ripped up everything
C G C F GWe showed no mercy
C G Am FWe painted lightening bolts
And we left a note to let our enemies know that this war has begun We said, you got no rights to post that kind of sign This woods does not belong to you or anyone
C G C F GAnd your warnings don't scare us
Dm Am E AmBecause, we move silently
We hide in the shadows of the trees and we will not be seen We can disarm the traps, just set, set our own that you will trip Our arrows will fly straighter This woods does not belong to anyone, but if it must it will belong to us
Dm Am E AmWe have won this day, you should know our names
Dm Am E CWe are the Gladiators
F G C AmWe made maps, we gave names to all the paths
We found the place that gave our little town its name It looked like a castle but it was where they made the cement at
F G CTo us it was such a magic place
F G C AmWe made a temple out of wood and we filled it with the bones
That we found in the woods so people would leave us alone We were young, we were dumb, we were having so much fun The new kings of the new kingdom C
Am G CWe enjoyed our victory
Am G C FWe got a message from some one-named Gypsy
He said your bones do not scare me This war's not over and I think that we should meet
C G CThe temple, this Friday at 3
E F C I woke up early before school and I ran back to the spot
GIt was filled with traps, just like I thought
I tore them up and left a note and said is this some kind of joke? There's much more to us than just old bones
C G F And the top of the castle is where we would meet next
This time the time and the place were things that we picked We said no weapons, we said no tricks We did the best to hide the fact that we were just some little kids
C G CWe were just some little kids
C G Am FI was scared when I saw him
He looked much older and I thought that he might be a Vet His master climbed the wall and saw he had a rifle hidden on a rope hanging in the pit
C G C F GWe said no weapons and we called him out on it
C G Am FHe didn't know how I could know until he turned around
His master had climbed up right behind him And didn't make a sound
C G C F GAnd we really had him now
Dm Am E CWe talked for a while with this stranger about the natives of this land, our gangs, and nature
We got home again We didn't know what to think of him But it seemed like the war was over and the trees held no more danger
C G C I was sad to see it go
F G C AmA few days later I ran in to him alone
At the place that used to be his old gang's base He told me stories of their glory days Before his friends grew up or they moved away
E AmAnd we decided that day that we would build something
CWe would build it together, it would represent our truce
And as I got to know him, it got easy to see that he was just a kid who loved the woods like me
C G CHe was a friend, he was not an enemy
C G CWe made our enemies our friends
C Am G CWe should have never been enemies with them
C G Am FWe made our enemies our friends
C G CAnd our gang got twice as big
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