Ghost Mice - Songs By Chris Clavin tab

These are written by Chris Clavin of Ghost Mice and I have permission to post them here.
 This is a ton of tabs that are too short to be on their own, but they are 100% correct
as they were given to me by the artist.


"The devil and my family"
verse--C-?-Am-F-C-F-G   ?= 010020

"Oh Sister"
verse--Am-D7-C-G (end on C)   (i think i mean Dm not D7?)
oh yeah life goes on- G-C-D-C--G-D-C-D
i hope that you are right G-C

"monsters get slain"
(CAPO on 4th fret)
bridge-Am-F (end with F-C-G)
end part-C-F-G

"figure 8"
who's gonna slow down- Fsharp-A-E-Fsharp-A
he said son here's-E-A-E-E-Fsharp-A-E
E-A (end part)

"Lightning bolt"

"hang on kids"intro-G-A-C-?-Am ?= the same as in the devil and my familyverse Em-B-C-Dchorus G-D-C-Dafter chorus C-D-C-?-Am ?=the same...bridge C-D-C-?-Am-F-C-G-CCCC-AmAmAmAm-GGGGG-C-D-C-?-Am
"up the punks"A-D-A-E-AE-A-D-A (end with held D and E)D-E-A (end with -E-D)
but punk rock music D-E-A-E-DA-D-A-A-Eso that's why i sing A-D-Aup the punk E-D-A
"cemeteries" G-Am (end with C-G) end -Am-C-GGGG "austin to elpaso" verse--A-D-A-E-D-A (it changes a lot) i will be so thankful E-D-A-E-D-E i bet that he had fun A-G-Em-GG i will wear my tire...E-D-A-D-E-D-A-E-D-E-A-E-D-A-E-D-E-A end part A-E--D-A
"boy meets girl"verse- G-C-Em-Em-D-Gchorus G-D-C-C-D-Gbridge C-(b)-Am-(b)-G (the fast strummed part)
"the good life" (tune to drop D) play all power chords verse-D-A (play where the A should be, it is not really an A) bridge (bar all strings play 7th then 5th fret) "i dare you to live forever" verse C-?-Am-G ?=to the devil and my family chorus F-Em-C-G after chorus F-G- end- it's all Cs-Fs-Gs ( i don't know exactly) "dead flowers and dirt" verse Am-G-D7-G-C-?-Am-F-G-C ?=the same as in the devil and my family middle part Am-Em-F-C-G "letter home" A-D-E-A
dear momA-D-E-A(same as above mostly)
"cinematographer"(capo 2nd fret)verse G-Cchorus G-C-G-D-G-Am-C-Em-Am-Dend- Em-Am-C-G
"sing for the living (good-bye good-bye)"intro-G-Am-C-D-G-Am-D-G-Am-C-D-G-C-Gverse-G-Am-C-D-G-Am-D-G-Am-C-D-C-D-G-C-D-Gbridge (because the future holds..) C-D-G-E-Am-C-G-D-Ci will not waste... Am C Am C Am C Am D G-D-C (goodbye end)
"farewell to good things (jungle song)" B-E "the pines" intro D B G A D A G D A G A D A G A chorus G A D A G G A D other chorus G Em D (but their all i've got) G A D the end and beginning are the same? "lost city" G C G G D G C G G D G chorus C G C G D "commandante" (capo on 1st fret) verse G D C G C G D C G chorus C G C G B C C D C G C G E D G
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