Ghost Of The Robot – Mad Brilliant tab

I looked it up, and didnt find an accurate Tab so i wrote in the good versionStandard Tuning x2e|--------------------|----------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------|----------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------|----------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------|----------------------------------------------------|A|-12-12-12-12--0-9-9-|--12-12-12-12--0-9-9/14---14--------13-13-----------|E|-10-10-10-10--0-7-7-|--10-10-10-10--0-7-7/12---12h14p12--11-11-----------|
the "12h14p12" can be difficult as you must let the 14 on the A string ring as well, so you cant move your 3rd finger and the hammer on and pull off must be done with you 2nd finger, whilst your 1st finger stays on the 12th fret. This is the most accurate version I've heard of- Enjoy!
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