Ghosts - Wrapped Up In Little Stars chords

Chords used:
E    02210x
A    002220
C#m  456640
B    024440


E AI'm always unwilling to start to a fight
EBut you've got that look in your eye
AYou gave me your word but I heard I'll find
EIt's coated in sugar and lies
The songs on the radio don't apply Hollywood still leaves me cold It's all happy endings and tragic lives This ain't what they had in mind Refrain:
EShe says
C#m A E B"Stay overnight, stay right by my side"
C#m A But there's truth wrapped up in little stars
E BAnd it's calling time
Verse: (E A again)Well turn off the tears turn on the light
I know what you're doing and why You're stoking the fire of my desire While sowing the seeds of goodbye
Refrain: (C#m A E B from here to the end of the song)She says
"Stay overnight,stay right by my side" But there's truth wrapped up in little stars And it's calling time Is your head in the clouds? We are dead in the ground Too close to shout but too far to be heard Well I've figured it out So just say it aloud We're over and out because There's not enough to hold on There's not enough to hold on
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