Ghostwood - Pencils chords

			     PENCILS - Ghostwood
Tabbed by: IbanezBassman

Tuning: EABGbd#

These are the chords blow, really couldn't be bothered to tab it out along with the 
and solos but these are the correct chords. Note: play the E string using your thumb and 
indicates play 9 times, NOT mute 9.

D#|-0-----0----------------------|-0-----0-----------------------|B |-7-----2----------------------|-2-----0-----------------------|G |-8-----3----------------------|-3-----1-----------------------|B |-9-x9--4-x1 (hold for 3 notes)|-4-x9--2-x1 (hold for 3 notes)-|A |-9-----4----------------------|-4-----2-----------------------|E |-7-----2----------------------|-2-----0-----------------------|
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