Giles Corey – Spectral Bride chords ver. 2

   F C Bb G G2 Dm Am

E|-x-x-x--x-x--x--x-| A|-x-x-x--x-x--x--1-|D|-x-x-3--x-x--7--2-|G|-3-x-3--5-x--7--2-|B|-3-3-1--3-5--5--0-|E|-1-3-1--3-3--5--x-|
Do this between F and C: E|-1---1-1-1-1---0-3-0-1-|
F C FAngles singing in a choir
Bb F Goh, my lord, I am on fire
Fwhat am I to do
F C F voices singing into space
Bb F Gread their verse in my lonely face
Fwhat am I to do
F Dmbecause I don't deserve you
Fnot even for a moment
Dm Gnot even for a second will I ever be saved
Bbmy love's out to get me
Amand you know
you know
G2 Fyou know it's going to succeed
Bb Gand I hope I survive this fucking week
F C Falone
Instrumental: F Dm G Bb F 2x
Fand if I don't survive \
Dm G \I'll still be by your side \
F I 2xjust clad in ghostly white /
Dm G /I'll be your spectral bride /
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