Gillian Welch – Barroom Girls chords


GWell the night came undone like a party dress
D And fell at her feet in a beautiful mess
G CThe smoke and whisky came home in her curls
G D GAnd crept through the dreams of the barroom girls
GShe tosses and turns 'cause the sun is unkind
DAnd the heat of the day is coming in through the blinds
G CSave all your blue skies for the rest of the world
G D G'Cause the neon shines for the barrooms girls
D GThe barroom girls go by your side
A DLike the ponies you pass on a carousel ride
G CAnd all of the colours go round in a swirl
G D GWhen you dance in the arms of the barroom girls
GNow she rolls to her feet 'cause she can't sleep no more
DAnd looks at the clothes laying out on the floor
G CLast night's spangles and yesterday's pearls
G D G Are the bright morning stars of the barroom girls
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