Gillian Welch – Dear Someone chords ver. 2

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Dear Someone chords
Gillian Welch / David Rawlings 

Capo III


CI want to go all over the world
G G7And start living free
G G7I know that there's somebody who
G G7 CIs waiting for me
CI'll build a boat, steady and true
C7 FmAs soon as it's done
F D7 C C7 A... *I'm going to sail along in the dreams
D7 G C GOf my dear someone
COne little star, smiling tonight
G G7Knows where you are
G G7Stay, little star, steady and bright
G G7 CTo guide me afar
CBlow, little wind, over the deep
C7 FmFor now I've begun
F D7 C C7 A.. *Hurry and take me straight into the arms
D7 G C C7Of my dear someone
F D7 C C7 A.. *Hurry and take me into the arms
D7 G C Of my dear someone
* A.. = G# barred on the 5th fret Set8
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