Gin Blossoms – Hold Me Down tab

These are the easiest chords I could come up with. Beginners should have fun with the 
of this one!

intro...  Am  C  F  -  C  F  G  -  
 C  F  -  C  F F  C

verse 1

             Am             C    F
So I guess I must have just been dreaming
                 C            F   G
When I thought I heard myself say no
          Am            C   F
Anyway it looks like no one heard me
          C     F/F/C
So here I go
                        Am      C  F
'Cause when your in the company of strangers
            C             F    G
Or just the strangers you call friends
    Am          C   F                         C     F/F/C
You know before you start just how it's gonna end

             Am             C     F
But remember when the doors swing open
            C                 F G
And all the drinks are passed around
             Am           C   F
Any time the pickins look too easy
        C     F/F/C
Hold me down

verse 2 (same chords as first)

I can't remember why I like this feelin'
When it only seems to let me down
Soom I find I'm searching for the exit
From the ground
If I think the room is turning faster
Then I think the music is too loud
By then I've lived another broken story
To let me down


So remember when those doors swing open
And all the drinks are passed around
When half the party moves into the bathroom
Hold me down
Or if you're at the tail end of the evening
And Dr. Feelgood comes around
Any time the pickins look too easy
Hold me down

C         G         Am      F
Down if I want that part
C            G        Am     F
Down if I've gone too far
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