Gin Blossoms - Miss Disarray chords

Hey Guys. This is my first tab. Decided to choose something not done yet. I hope it works!

Intro: A D G

Bm GYou're such a mystery it's never clear to me
D AYou're always leaving me second guessing
Bm Gand all I want to know is baby where you go
D AWhere you've been when you come up missing
F#m GMiss Disarray
DYou swim in the pouring rain
AI'm moving on in vain
Bm AThe more I try, the more that I
E Gfeel so far away
Miss Disarray Intro Miss Disarray Intro It started carelessly leading you to me kisses sweet but complicated a happy ending girl I knew you'd never be burning bright but slightly faded Miss Disarray Chorus Bridge:
AThere's no pretending that happy endings
F#mwill ever see me through
D ASome story goes and I'm not over you
F#mKisses sweet but complicated
GBurning right but slightly faded
Chorus 2x (note that Miss Disarray is now the first line of the chorus and "You swim in pouring rain" becomes the second line.) Intro
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