Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You tab ver. 3

Intro (Background riff played throughout song):

Verse (Main Riff):
1|-----0------------0------------0------------0-------|2|-------3------------3------------3------------3-----|3|---------0------------0------------0------------0---|(Keeps repeating4|----------------0-------------------------0---------| during verse)5|---3------------------------------------------------|6|-----------------------------0----------------------| (Cadd9) (Dadd2) (Em7) (Dadd2)
*The main riff works best when you use your pick (or thumb) to hit the bass note and use your finger to pick the three harmony notes (e,d,g) on the first three strings. Chorus: (C) Whispers at the bus stop (G) (D) Well I've heard about (C) Nights out in the school yard (G) (D) I found out about (Main Riff) You (Main Riff continues) I found out about you -AR
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