Gin Blossoms – Until I Fall Away tab

"Until I Fall Away" by the Gin Blossoms
 My First tab, I know theres a closer version but this one is easier to sing to! Enjoy
 I'll try to get tabs to this later.

Embelish the chords for the intro and solo.
Intro: C G D    Em C G D

  Em    C     G                   D
I want to tell if I am or I am not myself
     Em    C     G                   D
It's hard to know how far or if at all could go
           Em    C     G                   D
I've waited far too long for something I forgot was wrong
        C                     D
I don't know all the answers I think that I'll find
   G                C                                     D
Or have it within the time, but it's all that I have in mind
 Em          C
Until I fall away
        G                D
I won't keep you waiting long
 Em         C
Until I fall away

       G                D
I don't know what to do anymore
 Em          C   G  D
Until I fall away
(Until I fall away)
-Verse 2-
My fear pretend that I'll never be in love again
It's real to me but not like these fools and not like this scene
I won't find or have it within the time
If it's all rusted and faded in the spot where we fell
Where I thought I'd left behind
It's loose now but we could try
Until I fall away....

Em C(Let Ring)
	When there's no good answers
G  D (same)
	No new questions
Em C
	Another personal disaster
	There's nowhere to go but down (carry "down" softly into solo)

(Em C G D) 2x

Outro: Em G (Let Ring)
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