Ginger - Keep It Cool tab


Main lead guitar bit, Ginger probably plays it different to this but this sounds ok when only one guitar.
A G De-------------------------------------------|B------------------------8-10-8-------------|G------------------------0-0--0--11---9--7--|D-11-11-12-14----7---------------0----0--0--|A-0--0--0--0-----0--------------------------|E-------------------------------------------|
Verse: A Bm Like children play at growing up C#m D I watched as they played with fire (play those chords again over the next two lines) E F#m And if they don't even know how evil they are C#m Bm Then I don't have to help them along A D So all I could do is think about you. E And write myself another song Chorus: D Bm Keep it cool, keep it calm, A A7 Keep it together, no matter whatever D Bm Is pissing you off, you've got to be tough F#m G D And keep it cool and the rest of the song is just a repeat of the above.
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