Ginger - Only A Problem tab

            E             B
You've been straight with me

     C#m                               A
so I showed something a knew you never wanted to see

    E                    B
You flipped, you freaked out

        C#m                            A
and you didn't hear a thing that I was talking about

F#m Emaj7e-2-----------------4---------|B-2-----------------4---------|G-2-----------------4---------|D-4-----------------2---------|A-4-----------------2---------|E-2-----------------0---------| How can I get you alone? (x2)
C#m A Tears won't clear the scene C#m A E Sorrow won't build me a time machine C#m A I'm ten times better than this E B This is only a problem C#m A I'm ten times better than this E B This is only a problem F# I'm ten times tougher I'm ten times smarter A The world's gonna have to hit me time times harder D A E to stop me The guitar bit at the end of the chorus goes like this:
Guitar solo is a bit like this. Note: I think that Ginger plays it an octave lower but this works too.
E B C#m Ae-------------------------------------------------------------14--|B---------9---10--12--9---14--12--14--12--14--12--14--16--17------|G-9---11----------------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
E B C#m Ae-16-----------12------12-----------------------------------------|B------------------12-------------12--9---12--------9-------9-----|G-------------------------------------------------------11------9-|D-----------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Middle 8. This has a couple of weird chords which I'll write down below.
C#5 C/Ab B5 Bb/F#e---------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------------|D---6-----------------6------------4-------------4--------|A---4-----------------3------------2-------------1--------|E---------------------------------------------------------|But ain't that it a hypocrite will not admit they're wrong
The rest of the song is above
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