Gino Padilla – Closer You And I tab ver. 3

Tabbed By: Marvin R. Cacho BSN,RN
Location: Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

-paki rate na lang po. thanks
-pag-aralan nyo muna yung chords baka iba yung alam nyo sa ginawa ko.hehe
-lahat sa song na ito ay strumming maliban sa riff
-kung gusto niyo ng plucking ay alisin lng po yung "over" sa mga chords
-yung ibang riff ay nasa chords din i-plucking n lng po pag may guitar 2 kayo or sa solo

Intro Chord:C/G-G-Am--F

Intro Riff:e|------------10-9---7-8---3---5-3---5-3---5---------|B|---8-8---8----------------------------------0-1-3--|G|-------9-------------------5-----5-----5-----------|D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Chords Used: Am- x02210 CM9- x32013 C/G- 332010 D/A x00232 D/G 311232 Dm7/A- x00211 E- 022100
Em7- 022033FM9- 131213G- 320033G7- 353433G7sus- 353533
CM9 G Am Hey, there's a look in your eyes FM9 Must be love at first sight CM9 G Am You were just part of a dream FM9 Nothing more so it seemed Dm7/A Em7 But my love couldn't wait much longer Am G Just can't forget the picture of your smile F Dm7/A 'Coz every time I close my eyes G7sus-G7 You come alive Chorus 1 E Am The closer I get to touching you D\A G The closer I get to loving you C Give it a time F Just a little more time G7sus-G7 We'll be together E Every little smile Am That special smile D\G The twinkle in your eye G In a little while C\G Give it a time F Just a little more time G7sus-G7 So we can get closer C/G-G-Am--F You and I (Do intro riff) Verse II (same as verse I chords) Then could I love you more So much stronger than before Why does it seem like a dream So much more so it seems I guess I found my inspiration With just one smile, you take my breath away So hold me close And say you'll stay with me now Repeat chorus
Outro Riff:e|--0--3----3----3--------------5-3---5-3---5-3---------3-|B|-------3---1-----1--0-1-3----------------------0-1-3--1-|G|----------------------------5-----5-----5-------------0-|D|------------------------------------------------------2-|A|------------------------------------------------------3-|E|------------------------------------------------------x-|
-yung strum sa last chord ay salubong yung thumb at index finger, up and down sabay po -paki rate na lang po -kung gusto niyo i-convert sa higher fret pwede po, yun po kasi ang unang kapa ko - nilagay ko lang po sa lower fret yung riff para po sa mga beginners - i hope you guys enjoy this song. happy toothpaste^_^.
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