Lady chords with lyrics by Gino Vannelli - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gino Vannelli – Lady chords


|Dm9        |Am9         |Dm9          |Am9       |

Dm9 Am9 Here I write you dear
Dm9 Am9 Seems our love had to run
Dm9 Am9 And how I wish you here
Dm9 Dm7/C'cause lady you are
Bm7-5 Amaj7 A7Oh maybe you are the one I know
Dm9 Am9 Here i'am alone
Dm9 Am9 Guess we kids had our fun
Dm9 Am9 And I hear you've grown
Dm9 Dm7/CTo the lady you are
Bm7-5 Amaj9Oh maybe you are the one
A7I realize
D13 D7+5 Bbmaj7/D E7/D A7 Dm9 that I'm just a boy who believes in what he feels
E7/D A7 Dm9And my dreams have all been changed by what is real
Solo on Dm9
|Dm7 Dm7/C |B7 |Em9 Bm9 Will you write me dear
Em9 Bm9 Only now as best friends
Em9 Bm9 I'll always wish, I'll always with you here
Em9 Em7/DOh then lady for me
C#m7-5 Bmaj7 B7 Say you'll begin again my love
|Dm9 |Am9 |Dm9 |Am9 |Dm9 |Am9 | whoa whao ..etc..
|Cm9 |Gm9 |Gmaj9. . . Transcription and chart Peter Kruger
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