Girls Aloud – Im Falling tab

			     I'm Falling - Girls Aloud
Tabbed by:outlaw torn


Ok so i got bored and tabbed this pretty quickly seeing as it was not on here already.
funny cos i'm properly into my metal yet i like these girls and the stuff they do. anyway
can be fun to play along to the record with this so i hope you enjoy it. P.S feel free 
pm or email me if you are a fan of GA

Listen to record to get timingthere is also some effect on the guitar but not sure what it is.e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---7---7-----7---7-----7---7-----7---7-------------------------------------|A|---7---7-----7---7-----7---7-----7---7--6-7-9------------------------------|E|---5---5-----5---5-----5---5-----5---5-------------------------------------|
That is literally all there is to it. this is the into and it plays throughout the as well. i think there is some more guitar but i can't be bothered to tab it out atm.. i update it in the future when i have time.
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